About us

The Department of Civil Engineering established in 1974. It is the oldest department (along with the Department of Law) within the Democritus University of Thrace. The Department is located in the City of Xanthi and belongs to the Faculty of Engineering which comprises 5 departments.

Goal of the Department is to promote the science and technology of Civil Engineering through the production and dissemination of knowledge, while also instilling in its graduates a keen sense of their social and political responsibility. Besides conducting scientific and technological research, the Department focuses on training its students to become accomplished professionals in both the public and private sector, well skilled in the design, analysis, construction and maintenance of the variety of technical works (common or extraordinary, small or large) that are necessary in developing the economy and infrastructure of the country, exploiting its natural wealth, and improving the living conditions of the population

The Department is organized in 7 Sections which reflect the main sub-disciplines of civil engineering. It offers undergraduate and postgraduate studies. The minimum duration of undergraduate studies is 5 years or ten (10) semesters. The qualification, which the Department offers to its undergraduate students, is a Diploma in Civil Engineering.


  • Address: Department of Civil Engineering, Building Α'- Campus Xanthi-Kimmeria, 67100-Xanthi

  • Telephone: +30 25410-79026 - 27

  • Email: secr@civil.duth.gr